Under the direction of Anthi Gourounti, with the participation of the director and poet Panos Kyparissis.

The Municipal & Regional Theatre of Patras presents the “Hymn to Liberty” (Dionysios Solomos – Nikolaos Halikiopoulos Mantzaros) with the Piraeus Vocal Ensemble Libro Coro under the direction of Anthi Gourounti at 21:00.

This is the first musical arrangement of the work of our National Poet – for a four-part male choir and piano – of exceptional difficulty and high aesthetic quality, in line with its revolutionary and romantic content.

The Vocal Ensemble Libro Coro, a music group active in the neighborhoods of Piraeus, consists mainly of “folk” amateur singers who, with the help of soloists, form a vocal ensemble capable of serving the style and the character of this ‘osmosis’ of traditional and scholarly elements within the composition.

The great director and poet Panos Kyparissis also participates.

Teaching / Conductor: Anthi Ch. Gourounti
Vocal Ensemble: Pakakis Stamatis, Masmanidis Alexandros, Kaltsis Stefanos, Giannitsiou-Papaevangelou S., Fotiadis Alexandros, Kassavetis Giorgos, Karagiorgis Michalis, Gartzopoulos Michalis, Goutierez Kostas, Perakis Vassilis, Kariotis Takis, Kolosionis Dimitris, Kaisarinis Stavros, Batagiannis Aris, Toikin Igor, Davios Konstantinos, Chaldaiakis Nikolaos
Piano: Benjamin Hadjikoumbaroglou
Reader: Panos Kyparissis
Vocal coach: Cleopatra Papacheimonas

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