Island costumes of the 18th and 19th centuries were photographed worn by today’s people.

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The Historical and Ethnological Society of Greece presents the exhibition titled Clothing of the Soul, with creations by the photographer Vangelis Kyris and embroidery artist Anatoli Georgiev, at the Lazaros Koundouriotis Historical Mansion, a branch of the National Historical Museum in Hydra.

Island costumes of the 18th and 19th centuries, the most representative out of the costume collections of the National History Museum, were photographed worn by today’s people. The works of the artists are printed on canvas and embroidered with gold thread, adding another dimension to the costumes of the Museum’s collection, highlighting the high aesthetics, which was not affected by the four centuries of subjugation.

The exhibition is part of the anniversary events of the NHM for celebrating the bicentennial of the Greek Revolution.

Exhibition duration: until September 30, 2021

Opening hours: daily 10:00 – 16:00


Photography: Vangelis Kyris
Embroidery: Anatoli Georgiev
Exhibition material selection and editing: Angela Vidali, Konstantina Kalaintzi
Exhibition curator: Erika Vassiliou
Makeup and hairstyles: Vanessa Koutsopodiotou
Fabric prints: Textum Digital
Framing of artworks: Periplesio Art Frames