The Benaki Museum will present the articulated original work of Christos Bokoros titled “1821, the feast”.

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On Wednesday May 19, 2021, the Benaki Museum will present the articulated original work of Christos Bokoros titled “1821, the feast”. The exhibition will take place in the Benaki Museum of Greek Culture exhibition space, and has been co-organized with the Social Works and Culture Association (EKEP) in the framework of the Initiative 1821-2021, with the support of Bodossaki Foundation. The exhibition is curated by Konstantinos Papachristou (Benaki Museum) and Manos Dimitrakopoulos (EKEP).

Χρήστος Μποκόρος, “1821, η γιορτή”. Μουσείο Μπενάκη / Christos Bokoros, “1821, the feast”. Benaki Museum

The exhibition is organized in four parts:

The Blue-White: its aftermath.

History: its light and its darkness.

The Heroes, illustrious and unknown: their shadow, their blood.

Glory alone: on the top of a long desert table, bearing laurels; below, a lamb standing, staring at us.

The works were especially made on the occasion of the commemoration of the 200 years from the Greek Revolution and are being presented for the first time to the public. They are painted on fabrics and wood. They constitute an “overflowing of the soul” of the painter, his private tribute to the “common and substantial”. The exhibition is accompanied by a detailed catalogue which is set be released soon.

Exhibition duration: May 19 to October 10, 2021

During the exhibition, a series of videos will be produced with lectures by guests from universities and research centers concerning the artworks. The lectures will be available on BLOD – Bodossaki Lectures on Demand ( and on the Benaki Museum’s Youtube channel ( on dates to be announced soon.

Lecturers and lecture titles:

Maria Delivorria, author

TITLE: “E la forma sia l ‘abito del vero senso profondo d’ ogni cosa – And the form should be the garment for the true, deep meaning of everything”

ARTWORKS: Salmon, Weaving light and darkness

Maria Efthimiou, historian

TITLE: “History: its light and darkness, in the work of Christos Bokoros and ’21”.

ARTWORK: Weaving light and darkness

Stavros Zoumboulakis, philologist and author

TITLE: “What is the Lamb looking for next to the Poet and the Warlord?”


Giannis Kiourtsakis, author

TITLE: “Both with light and with death / unceasingly” (from A. Kalvos’  Odes)

WORK: Weaving light and darkness

Kostas Koutsourelis, author

TITLE: “Bed of the Unknown”

WORKS: Monument to Unsung Heroes (mainly) and the portraits of Solomos and Karaiskakis (secondarily)

Savvas Michail, doctor, politician and author

TITLE: “Forms of Christos Bokoros”

WORKS: Solomos, Solomos Karaiskakis, Monument to Unsung Heroes, Weaving Light and Darkness

Nikitas Siniosoglou, researcher at the National Research Foundation

TITLE: “Thoughts on modern Greece’s self-perception”

WORK: Weaving light and darkness

Theofanis Tassis, professor of philosophy, author

TITLE: “The invention of cyan: Thoughts on Greek identity spurred by the painting of Christos Bokoros”

PROJECT: Monument to Unsung heroes