The artists participating in the exhibition address the issue beyond romanticism and barren attachments to the otherwise glorious and heroic past

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The Municipality of the Sacred City of Messolonghi and the Athens War Museum, in collaboration with artists of the cultural organization “Art Center – Marble Art Museum”, organize the touring art exhibition titled “200 Years of Blue and White Spirit”, which will be presented at the Athens War Museum from 9 to 19 June 2021. The artworks address the history of the Greek Nation from 1821 until the present day, rendering with various aesthetic styles the important events of this historical trajectory.

Jorge Luis Chavarria – Greece in the Ruins of Missolonghi Γουατεμάλα

The artists participating in the exhibition address the issue beyond romanticism and barren attachments to the otherwise glorious and heroic past. Through the memories of historical events and their personal experiences regarding the sparkling Greek spirit in its timeless course, they harmoniously express the revolution – the battles, the redemption, the freedom, the joy and the pain – through their artistic work.

Participating Artists

Kimon Axaopoulos, George Vouros, Nineta Vretou, Danae Gemenaki, George Guizaris, Voula Daskalopoulou, Marevi Denaxa, Stavrielena Dimitrakopoulou, Rodokleia Dimoulia, Sotiris Iliadis, Asteri Theochari, Fotini Kavalari, Ada Kazagli, George Karpontinis, Alexandros Katigoudis, Marianna Kontoe, Danae Lyberi, Betty Lyriti, Achilleas Mandaeos, Kyriakos Mariolis, Marilena Meli, Mantalena Melissourgaki Wozniak, Evi Baloo, Eleni Ntinia Boudali, Julia Bout, Anastasia Nikolaou, Pavlos Debebe Despina Pantazi, Andriani Papaleka, Aris Portoulas, Christos Prontis, Michalis Rougas (Mike Vira), Matina Sioki, Vasilis Stamou, Katerina Stamboliti, Gabriela – Christina Tritu, Vasileios Tsitsibagos, Rena Florou, Dimitris Psomodotis

Γκαμπιέλα Χριστίνα Τρίτου – Ζωή, Ελευθερία, Ελλάδα. Γένος Θηλυκού (Medium)

International Participations

The exhibition also includes artists from Latin America, whose homelands became independent from their conqueror at the same time as Greece, and created works exclusively for the exhibition.

Participations in collaboration with the Embassy of Argentina: Hernán Benedetti, Maria Finocchietti & Juana Page

Also: Jorge Luis Chavarria Aleman (Guatemala), Mariana Motoko (Mexico), Alvaro Sánchez (Guatemala)

Organization: MA Iannis Pantazidis

Exhibition curator: Pavlos Debebe

All the necessary health measures will be observed in the exhibition space. The use of face masks is mandatory.

The exhibition will be accompanied by side events.

For additional information and announcements, you may follow the exhibition’s official facebook page: @spiritwhiteandblue

Athens War Museum: Vas. Sofias & Rizari 2

Opening hours: Monday – Sunday 9.00 – 19.00

Information: Tel: 2107252974, 6980 275555, 6942 075756, 6984-253932

Email: [email protected], facebook page: @spiritwhiteandblue, instagram: kentro_texnis