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Melina Mosland is a Greek-Norwegian artist residing in Athens. Through hybrid forms, her work deals with the human body and the sense of the “unfamiliar” as well as our relationship with the natural world. In 2019 she graduated from the Athens School of Fine Arts and presented her first solo project titled “Bloom in Progress” at Taf The Αrt Foundation. Shortly afterwards, that year, she participated in the festival for New Scandinavian Artists titled “Platform Nord” in Kristiansand, Norway.

Recently she was awarded a project by the RUYA MAPS organization in the framework of the Creative Cities programme. Her works have been exhibited in group exhibitions, among which are the following: “Day Wavers” during the festival Back to Athens; “Gardening’ at the Zoumboulaki Gallery; “Quarantine Exhibition” at Space 52; “A Field Guide To Getting Lost vol. 2” at the Anesis movie theatre; Graduate Exhibition at the Athens School of Fine Arts; Στοart KOΡΑΗ Artspace of the Ethniki Asfalistiki company; “Contemporary Mosaics” at the Foundation “Alli Arkadia” of the Sotiris Felios Collection.


a) Blue of distance VII 50 x 35 cm / watercolor wood paints on paper/ 2020

b) Miss Nose