In this series of works, Ioulitta Karamavrou tries to represent her interest in concepts concerning the self as self-consciousness and the encounter of the self with things and others. In particular, she is concerned with possible narratives of images that may emerge as a result of her search for psychic landscapes and situations that govern the self in relation to psychological trauma. Each image is a mental state. She likes to represent the self as a creature that takes various forms, sometimes the form of a dog or other animal, sometimes the form of a sexless body, and sometimes the form of a human limb or body part trying to balance between boundary and countervailing forces. In representing these images he does not refer to a specific period of time but to various fragments of moments and memories.

The series of works relates to the space in which it is exhibited, namely the space of the Twin Ottoman Baths. During the Ottoman Empire, this space was a place where the inhabitants visited to wash their bodies. The water symbolized purgative washing and was associated with healing properties, the healing of the body. Through the creation of these works Karamavrou is trying to heal parts of herself.

Ioulitta Karamavrou lives and works in Thessaloniki. She studied at the School of Fine Arts, Department of Visual and Applied Arts, at the University of Western Macedonia (2006-2011) and graduated with Honours from the 1st workshop with Professor Yannis Ziogas. He then studied Philosophy at the Faculty of Philosophy of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, where he graduated in 2018. He has participated in many group exhibitions in Greece and abroad. She participated in the Third Panhellenic Painting Competition “Loukas Venetoulias” at the Teloglio Foundation of Arts (2019), where she won one of the three artistic awards. In 2009 he participated in the reconstruction of the “Map of Mandaba” ( Byzantine mosaic) in the Monastery of St. Gerasimos of Jordan in Palestine. In the last year he collaborates with the contemporary art gallery Braggart with which he participated in the Art Thessaloniki International Fair (2022), as well as in the group exhibitions “Memory Warehouses” Braggart Gallery Joist Innovation Park, Larissa, 2022 and “The Poetics of Space” Braggart Gallery, Pappa’s Mill, Larissa, 2022

Solo Exhibitions

I think that it was a trauma, Braggart Gallery, Twin Ottoman Bath, Trikala, 2023

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