Theano Giannezi is a visual artist, born in 1991 in Thessaloniki Greece. After completing her studies at the AUTH University of Fine Arts, in the department of Visual and Applied Arts in 2016, she exhibited her first professional pieces at the Gallery Zina Athanassiadou, the Macedonian Museum of Art and the Art Institute Glo’Art in Belgium . In 2019 she won the Indonesian Scholarship Darmasiswa and completed her studies in ISI Yogyakarta, majored in Wayang Kulit shadow play theater. During her stay in Indonesia she exhibited her art projects at the National Gallery in Jakarta and the Taman Budaya Cultural Center, followed by a residency program in Paper moon Puppet theatre in Kasongan and a solo project in Krack printmaking Studio in Yogyakarta, in 2021. Upon her return to Greece, she presented her work at the Art Thessaloniki international Art Fair as part of the MATAROA 2022 awards, where she had the opportunity to reintroduce her work to the artistic scene of Greece.

Her art practice focuses on exploring and incorporating various elements of nature and the human psychology. These elements helped her observe the close relationship of culture with Fine Art and the transmitted human mindset, by creating artworks consisted of naturally occurring repetitive forms and conceptual figures. Another great influence is the pursuit of the meaning of human existence, with the intention to idealise and connect its natural environment with the urban and social life.  Her basic materials are paper, pencil, charcoal combined with paper-cutting and drawing techniques. Thus creating repeated patterns and conceptual figures in the form of aerial installations that project opposing meanings of matter, space and time.

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