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Christos Kalogiros was born in Ioannina in 1987. He graduated from the Higher Technological Education Institution of Larisa, Medical Laboratories Department. He was admitted to the Athens School of Fine Arts in 2014 and he graduated in September 2020. He has already participated in a group exhibition titled “Circuits and Currents” in Geneva, along with students from the Geneva school, on the theme of collages. The project lasted ten days in Athens and in Geneva, and the works were exhibited during the last day. Kalogiros has also taken place in group exhibitions in Greece, and in December 2020 he entered the Royal college of London to pursue graduate studies in painting. He lives and works in Athens.


a)Untitled, 45 x 55 cm, acrylics and pencil on canvas
b)Personal Space, Unititled, 30x35cm, acrylics and pencil on canvas
c)Observation, Untitled, 50x35cm, acrylics and pencil on canvas