The art of Dimitris Tsirogiannis was never “one-dimensional”. With ease the artist moves between abstraction and figuration , from geometric to organic forms, and chooses to express himself with that morphological language that can give substance to his quest and vision. His sculpture , moreover , has never been monothematic. Birds spreading their wings in the wind or human figures treading firmly on the earth alternate with totally abstract creations or compositions that maintain loose but clear pictorial links with reality. His works are not “given away” to the viewer, but challenge him to explore them, inviting him to approach and interpret them himself, identifying in them images that are familiar or, at times, forms and shapes that are new to him.

Tsirogiannis’ sculpture was never colourless. The patina of bronze plays an important role in the final appearance of his works, being a timeless expressive medium of his sculpture. Bright golden or dull dark , glossy or rough the surface of the sculpture contributes decisively to its final form and content by reflecting the light and colour of the environment. Now , however , in the creations of his latest work , the colour takes over the entire surface of the sculpture , dominating it and imposing its own nuance and interpretation on the work. The red or blue patina limits the reflectivity of the material , highlighting its form , defining it and enriching it with visual values. The painted sculptures of Dimitris Tsirogiannis move away from the depiction of the natural world. Their form may resemble a human body , fish or bird , but colour has a decisive effect, revealing his personal artistic universe. These works thus acquire a further interpretative dimension , which makes them one of the most complete works of their creator.

Joseph and Esther Ganis Foundation

Soutsou 26 Τ.Κ: 45444, Ioannina

Exhibition Duration: 20.03.2024- 19.04.2024                                                        

Tel.: 26510 36517 – Email: [email protected]


Working Hours: Monday till Friday 9.00-14.00 Wednesday 6.00-9.00

On Wednesday 3 April from 6.00pm to 9.00pm the artist D.Tsirogiannis will be at the exhibition and will guide the friends and visitors of the Foundation.

Admissions Free

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