What is art therapy?

The art therapy workshop is a psychodynamic approach. By expressing what words cannot reach, that is, we are going to give form & character to the non-verbal visuals of the image, colors ”feelings”, to deepen the way each child functions from the unconscious to the conscious and transform them into unique works of art!

This process helps children in the imaginative part, to gain critical opinion and experiment with their aesthetics, to discuss and share their ideas and to work in groups, This way helps to improve their image.

Every week, at the Thirathen Museum, the children will work on a work of art (sculpture, video art, dance, painting) together with specialized staff and try to develop through it. Discussions will then take place to mobilise inspiration and lead to the creation of an original work.

This special project, after the end of its meetings, intends to present the ten works of art. The aim is, through the different personalities of the children, to teach or learn something new for the adults.

Opening: Thursday, 13 June 2024

At the Thirathen Museum of Musical Instruments

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