Title: MSc Biomedical Engineering

Scientific Discipline:
Biomedical Engineering
Life Sciences

University of Patras


3 semesters


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The MSc Programme on “Biomedical Engineering” was established with the close cooperation of the following four departments of the University of Patras:

Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Technology

Department of Computer Engineering and Computer Science Technology and Technology Engineering

Department of Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering

Department of Computer Engineering and Computer Science, Computer Engineering and Aerospace Engineering

Objectives of the MSc-BME

The MSc-BIM of the University of Patras aims to educate students in the recent scientific developments in Engineering and Science and how they are applied to problem solving in Biology and Medicine, in order to contribute to the development of the Biomedical Technology Sector and the promotion of health. The program provides in-depth training and consolidation at the highest level of fundamental concepts and knowledge in key topics, use of practical experience and skill development in Biomedical Engineering. Typical scientific areas of interest in the program include but are not limited to Bioengineering, Signal and Image Processing, Biomaterials, Mixed Reality in Health, Modeling and Simulation, Robotics in Medicine, Implants, Artificial Organs.

Selection of postgraduate students will be based on the following criteria:

Candidate’s grade in undergraduate courses relevant to the courses of the MSc.

  1. General degree of the candidate’s diploma/degree
  2. Candidate’s grade in undergraduate courses relevant to the courses of the MSc.
  3. Grade of the candidate’s thesis
  4. Any research activity of the candidate
  5. Interview of the candidate


The minimum duration of the studies is three (3) academic semesters including the time of the Postgraduate Diploma Thesis (MSc). The MSc – “BME” awards an Interdepartmental Diploma of Postgraduate Studies (IDM) in “Biomedical Engineering”. During their studies, students are required to attend and successfully complete a number of courses, as well as to successfully complete the postgraduate thesis.

Language of the Programme

The candidate is required to have a good command of English, as the teaching of the courses and the writing of the thesis are in English. The reason for choosing English as the language of the programme is twofold. The initial aim is international collaborations both in terms of attracting international students and in terms of close educational and research collaborations, through memoranda of understanding between the University of Patras and leading higher education institutions in Europe. Secondarily, by choosing English, Greek students themselves indirectly gain a better understanding of the terminology and become part of a global and research system that broadens their horizons and better highlights the enormous potential of the biomedical engineering field.

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Relevant information is provided:

  1. a) http://www.biomed.upatras.gr
  2. b) from the Secretariat of the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Technology of the University of Patras

Tel.: 2610-996493

[email protected]


The Director of the MSc

Professor Konstantinos Moustakas