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Μουσείο Τηλεπικοινωνιών ΟΤΕ

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OTE Group Telecommunications Museum

Inventions in the field of telecommunications, aiming to surpass the limitations of time and space from Antiquity to our days, compose the collection of the OTE Group Telecommunications Museum, the only one of its kind and among the few technology museums in Greece. It has been operating since 1990, comprising more than 4,500 objects and rich archival material. Original telephones, Morse telegraphs, wireless communication systems, facsimile units, telex, optical fibres, collections of old telegrams and the first television studio in Greece; the communications systems, the networks, the media, the devices in the exhibition units and the premises of the museum are cultural goods as well as exhibits.

After the disassembled telephones that might remind of the past, having learned about the iconic work of Alexander Graham Bell, visitors travel to the pre-electric era of communication. After few stops in ancient Greece and Byzantium, they find out the first need for communication over distance and how this led to the development of optical and audio signals, hydraulic systems and codification, how the message of the fall of Troy reached the palace in Mycenae and who coined the world “electricus”. What did Morse’s first telegraph message say? How did Bell tell his assistant: “Mr. Watson, come here, I would like to see you”? Which inventions saved the lives of 706 passengers from the sinking Titanic and how did telephone operators help Christina Onassis say “yes” to the marriage proposal, and why a 1960s television studio stable had the shape of a question mark?

Μουσείο Τηλεπικοινωνιών ΟΤΕ / OTE Group Telecommunications Museum

With the help of technology and with much love, the people of the Museum prepared a digital exhibition worthy of the physical one, at Their goal was to give a chance to people young and old, families and educators, researchers and university students, to enjoy a digital tour in the OTE Group Telecommunications Museum any time and without limitation. This is an amazing online journey to the history of communication over five thematic units of the permanent exhibition with very interesting information and photographs of the most important exhibits.

The OTE Group Telecommunications Museum is a member of ICOM (International Council of Museums), the International Committee for Education, CECA, and the International Committee for Museums and Collections of Science and Technology, CIMUSET. For most of its operation and to this day, its basic partnerships and activities have had an educational character and comprise special educational programmes, workshops on art and technology, information meetings and theatre performances for all levels of education and the general public.

OTE Group Telecommunications Museum


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