2021-22, a new school year is beginning, and the Telecommunications Museum is ready to offer programmes and activities for children and families, for the young and old.

For the OTE Group Telecommunications Museum, the needs of society, timeliness, the need for expression and creation are always our inspiration and the driving force to propose programmes and activities that will cause love for knowledge, dialogue and experience in different groups with different needs and interests. This year, the programmes are based on three significant issues of concern to modern people.

The environment and specific areas such as recycling, climate change, and the circular economy. 

Society, with particular attention and interest in areas such as respect for diversity, migration, accessibility, and addressing social inequalities.

The celebration and participatory creation that involves everyone and creates an atmosphere of interaction and celebration in the museum’s space.

This year, for the first time, school visual workshops will all be held online.

Naturally the STEM programmes so dear to primary and secondary school children will again be available to all the country’s schools.

Please look at the programmes in detail and make your reservation online.

The educational programs for families will be held at the Museum (on Sundays).

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