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The Braggart Gallery, founded as a digital venue, now presents its first live solo exhibition by Haris Kontosfyris, Professor at the Department of Applied Arts of the University of West Macedonia, titled “Omoion Omoio” [Birds of a Feather]. The exhibition, curated by Valentini Margaritopoulou, will be held in the French Institute of Larisa from 10 to 22 December 2021. In his new work, Kontosfyris is inspired by the photography of Takis Tloupas from Thessaly, exploring the spectrum of the light-giving sun. Using the flexible grid of lighting and shade on printed fabrics of Tyrnavos, he approaches the work of Tloupas and transmutes light to material using colourful plasticized concrete on metal, textile printing and black-and-white photography, with the help of the last craftsmen in the field, Georgios Sainis and Themistoklis and Panagiotis Ioannidis.