Title: MA Music and Society

Scientific Discipline:

University of Macedonia



Three (3) semesters for the specialization “Music Education and Community Music”,

Four (4) semesters for the specialization ‘Music Therapy’


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The Department of Music Science and Art of the Faculty of Social Sciences, Humanities, and Arts of the University of Macedonia offers the Postgraduate Programme of Studies entitled “MUSIC AND SOCIETY” with specializations 1) “Music Education and Community Music”, 2) Music Therapy.

Aim – Learning Objectives

The aim of the MSc “Music and Society” is to ensure the scientific competence of students, the development of practical and professional skills, the specialization and the cultivation of a high level of knowledge, and scientific thinking, and the promotion of research and practice in the fields of knowledge:

(a) music education and community music; and

(b) music education and music education and music therapy, respectively.

Subjects of the MSc are:

(a) music education and community music, which concerns the teaching of music in formal, non-formal, and informal educational settings and the use of music and its teaching in the community context with emphasis on socially vulnerable groups with the aim of well-being, social inclusion, and cohesion,

(b) music therapy is a main or complementary therapeutic intervention for people with disabilities, special population groups, socially marginalized groups, etc., aiming to treat and improve their quality of life.

Postgraduate degree

The Postgraduate Studies Programme (MSc) “Music and Society”, take into account the current international trends and the need to possess specialized knowledge and skills by scientists and professionals of the various specialties active in the field of music science and art, education and therapy, leads to the award of a Master’s Degree (MSc) at the level of “Master” in the specializations:

  1. MSc in “Music Education and Community Music”
  2. MSc in ‘Music Education and Community Music Education and Training’ and ‘Music Therapy’.

Categories of graduates students admitted

Graduates of music studies departments, pedagogical departments, special education departments, psychology departments, and other departments of higher educational institutions of the national territory and similar recognized institutions of foreign countries are admitted to the Postgraduate Programme of Studies “Music and Society” after a selection procedure. The admission procedure (requirements and criteria) is specified in detail in the program’s operating regulations which are posted on the website of the MSc “Music and Society”.

Programme of Studies – Duration of Studies 

The duration of studies for the award of the Postgraduate Diploma of Specialisation (M.Sc.) is defined as:

∙ Three (3) semesters for the specialization “Music Education and Community Music”, including the preparation of the Master’s thesis. ∙ Four (4) semesters for the specialization ‘Music Therapy’, including the preparation of the Master’s thesis.

The teaching and attendance of the courses of the MSc are conducted in person at the premises of the University of Macedonia, with the possibility for up to 35% of the hours to be implemented remotely. The extension of the period of study and the possibility of suspension is described in detail in the Regulations of the MSc.

Official language

The official language of the MSc is Greek.

For further information

Secretariat and Administrative Support of the MSc, Ms. Maria Papanikolaou, tel. 2310891432, email: [email protected] MSc website: https://www.uom.gr/mmk MSc Director: Lida Stamos, Professor

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