On 11 and 12 April a two-day Scientific Meeting will take place in the framework of the temporary exhibition “URBANOGRAPHY” entitled “Public Art and Urban Life: Contemporary Practices and Challenges“, at the Onassis Foundation Amphitheatre, National Gallery – Alexandros Soutsos Museum.

The exhibition “URBANOGRAPHY” explores versions of the urban experience in Greek art during the 1950s-1970s through the eyes of visual artists and filmmakers. The conception of the exhibition treats the city as an experience, examining urbanization, reconstruction and migration in the context of the rapid changes that occurred in Greek society after the war. The artists interpret the city not only as a built environment that contains them, but also as an everyday experience, a context with which they are confronted, either in terms of recognition, security and acceptance, or in terms of detection, negotiation and conflict.

What is the role of public art in shaping the urban experience? The cycle of the public programme of the exhibition will conclude with a two-day scientific meeting in which we will be concerned with public art as a dynamic factor that contributes to the shaping of the urban experience and the meaning-making of the public sphere. In our time, the role and function of public art has been enriched with new dimensions and practices, such as environmental urban sculpture, ephemeral art interventions, temporary art exhibitions, public murals and hybrid artistic actions in archaeological sites.
Venue: Onassis Foundation Amphitheatre 

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