The Region of Epirus and the Society for Epirotic Studies are organizing their fifth joint conference, entitled “I Pompemeni“. The conference will take place on Friday, 29 March 2024, at 10:00-20:00, at the Hall of the Society for Epirotic Studies. It is an initiative that approaches issues of gender violence and the status of women throughout human history, with speakers making references to classical antiquity, medieval art and even cinema.

The event will begin with greetings from the regional governor of Epirus Alexandros Kachrimanis and the curator of cultural issues & gallery of the Society Nelly Tzimogianni, followed by a recitation by the philologist-historian, PhD candidate Dimitra Mytili.

The detailed programme of the conference is structured as follows:

10:45-11:00 Liampi Katerini, President of the Society for Epirotic Studies. – “Akuste chora ke chorianoi… Simera tha pompefti i Maria tu Toli-Strati, ke na  min pai kaneis se doulia…”.
11:00–11:15 Douskou Ioanna, Historian, PhD Candidate – The suicide of women to avoid shaming in antiquity. Culpa est velle mori, culpaque nomme mori.
11:15–11:30 Κarantzia Athina, Historian, PhD Candidate -Decoding silence
Abuse of women in ancient Athens.

11:30–11:45 Gkasti Eleni, Professor of Ancient Greek and Latin Philology, University of Ioannina, Greece – Honor and blame in women’s discourse. The case of Tecmessa in Sophocles’ Ajax.
12:15–12:30 Chadeli Vasiliki, Historian, PhD Candidate – The abuse of women in ancient Rome. Myth, law and reality.
12:30–12:45 Stratsani Maria, Philosophy, PhD – Women artists. A forgotten contribution to poetry and music and a late recognition.
12:45–13:00 Margari Eleni, Art History, PhD – “Afti etsi ithele ke etsi epathe”. Gender violence in European art (15th-17th century).

During the afternoon meeting, the programme is structured as follows:

17:30–17:45 Batistatou Anna, MD, PhD Dean University of Ioannina – Discrimination and ethical harassment in the sciences.
17:45–18:00 Nakou Agni, Deputy Regional Governor of Epirus – Abusive behaviour in the region of Ioannina during the interwar period. Impressions and interpretations.
18:00–18:15 Mytili Dimitra, Philologist-Historian, PhD Candidate – Incidents of gender violence in Byzantine and medieval Arabic sources.
18:45–19:00 Verykiou Sofia, Historian– Louise Bourgeois: who weaves what, for whom and why
19:00–19:15 Karantza-Kotsia Mirella, Lecturer at the Department of Greek Language, Literature and Greek Culture, University “Ekrem Chabey”, Argyrokastro, “Mor’ Deropolitissa, mor’ kaimeni ze-mor’ zelemeni”. The role and position of women in the ethnic Greek minority yesterday and today.
19:15–19:30 Georgoulas Panagiotis, Theatrologist-Historian – Hidden and overt violence against women through the Greek drama and film industry.

The event will conclude with Dimitra Mytili on singing and Dimitra Stavrou on piano performing four songs of contemporary Greek music on the theme of women, orchestrated by Nikos Fassoulas and a monophonic song from the North Epirot Pandelis Nikou.

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