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University of Thessaly Press

Adress: Argonauton kai Filellinon, 382 21 Volos
Tel: 24210 74641 / 24210 74378
Εmail: [email protected] / [email protected]

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University of Thessaly Press

University of Thessaly Press is supervised by the Property Management and Development Company of the University of Thessaly. Its purpose is to contribute to scientific knowledge, research and the scientific dialogue by publishing scientific books, monographs, textbooks and collective volumes in the fields of science and culture, serving the educational, research, cultural and social role of the university.

Apart from publishing mainly scientific books, University Thessaly Press also prints publications of general interest such as literary collections, history books, albums, etc. and have also undertaken the translation of foreign language authors.  In collaboration with τhe University’s Printing Department they are in charge of the graphic design and the printing of the University’s Publications but they also undertake graphic design for non-University clients. So far, University Thessaly Press has published about 170 titles and carries out a large number of reprints of several titles on an annual basis. Most of the printed books are distributed every academic year through the EYDOXOS system as textbooks for several university courses held by Greek universities.


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