Twice the ’21, 21 Heroes and 21 Heroines of the Greek Revolution of 1821

Angeliki Mastromichalaki – Pandelis Zouras

Illustration :
Spyros Zacharopoulos

History, children’s literature

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Date of publication:


Pages: 120

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The 200th anniversary of the Greek Revolution became an occasion for us as a nation to look back at this difficult period of our history. The book by Angeliki Mastrromichalaki and Pantelis Zouras, although it is written for children, both its content, its texts, and its illustrations make it particularly enjoyable even for adults, who will surely learn a lot about the personalities who took part. one way or another, to the Revolution.

The book, in a short but comprehensive way, highlights the actions and the contribution of well-known or lesser-known heroes. Through the presentation of the life of everyone, the coexistence of people with such different backgrounds in the common Struggle for Freedom is highlighted.

The title of the book “Twice in ’21” refers to the presentation of 21 men and 21 women who did not hesitate to offer their lives, their property, even their children to the Revolution. Everyday persons who fought, became role models, made history…