Title: The Great Martyr Saint Catherine

Author: Argyro Kavroudaki

Publishing House:

Subject: Religion

Languages: Greek/ English

Pages: 126

Dimensions: 20×13

A concise, informative guide to the Churches and Monasteries of Saint Catherine in Greece and the world. The publication is complemented by a description of the life of Saint Catherine, a saint who is equally beloved in the West and the East, patroness of professors, lawyers, intellectuals and philosophers.

She lived in the third century, a difficult period for Christians facing the threat of slaughter by the Roman Empire. Dorothea was an educated woman of aristocratic origin who had gathered around her a circle of educated people of Alexandria. After her conversion she was called Catherine. She was martyred for Christianity and met her death when she refused to betray her religion.

Smaller and larger temples and monasteries dedicated to Saint Catherine are found all over Greece and abroad. Of course, the most famous is the Holy Monastery of Agia Ekaterini on Mount Sinai. The founder of the Monastery is Justinian and in it is kept the altar with the body of Saint Catherine.

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