Scenes, Images, Looks. Crossover of cinema and theatre

Genre: Essay

Publisher: EAP

Publication Date: 2021

Language: Greek

Editor: George Pefanis- Ioanna Athanasatou

Pages : 400

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The book Scenes, Images, Looks. Crossover of cinema and theatre, edited by Giorgos P. Pefanis and Ioanna Athanasatou, explores the mutual influences and exchanges between cinema and theatre through Theatrology and the Theory and History of Cinema, without the old prejudices and fears.

The book features essay by twenty three researchers in the field of cinema and theatre, ranging from approaches to ancient drama to contemporary theatre and weird cinema in a systematic exploration of the relationship between cinema and theatre, with original contributions to themes virtually unexplored in Greek bibliography, essential reading for researchers and students, artists and the general public with an interest in arts.