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Days of Art in Greece, issue 13


Dimensions: 17 x 24 cm.

Paper: garda pad kiara and writing paper.

The 13th issue of the bilingual culture, letters and arts publication Days of Art in Greece is released.

The issue covers a wide range of activity in the field of Art, Letters and Culture in Greece, aiming to promote both in Greece and abroad, contemporary Greek culture, publishing activity and Greek artists.

In the current issue:

  • Archaeologist Angeliki G. Simossi, Head of the Ephorate of Antiquities of Evia, and her colleagues present a multi-page tribute to Ancient Eretria.
  • Professor of Archaeology Manolis Manoledakis presents the archaeological excavation of the International University of Greece at Neo Rysio in Thessaloniki
  • The Rector of the University of Cyprus, Professor Tasos Christofides talks to Thanasis Vassiliou about the University’s Innovation and contribution.
  • Doctor of Philosophy, Dimitris Dakrotsis curates a tribute on the interaction between Art and Technology with the participation of people from the academic world: Ioannis Melanitis, Athanasios Nicolaides, Yannis Refanidis, Charalambos Z. Patrikakis, Thalia Tsalkitzi.
  • Artemis Potamianou gives an interview with Faye Tzanetoulakou on the approach to viewing Art.
  • The content is complemented by articles and features written by Greek and foreign scholars.The section “Museums – destinations” presents important museums in Greece, both in major cities and in the periphery.
  • Twenty Greek artists, both emerging and established, make their mark through the writings of critics, professors and art historians.
  • The related section presents recent publications in all disciplines by the most important publishing houses.
  • The publication is complemented by an index of museums, archives, art venues, libraries, galleries, etc. throughout the country categorized by region and municipality.

Indicative of the quality and consistency of the printed edition is its certification by the OSSDEL as a ‘journal’.

At the same time, we continue to update our bilingual website on a daily basis. The aim of the online edition is the systematic and daily promotion of topics related to culture, art and literature.

You can search for Days of Art in Greece at the National Bank of Greece Cultural Foundation, Athens Airport and other selected bookstores.

Days of Art in Greece

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