The archive of the contemporary composer Giorgos Kouroupos (b. 1942), who with his wide and varied work has left his indelible mark on Greek music, has recently been transferred to the Greek Music Archive of the Music Library of the Friends of Music Society at the Athens Concert Hall.

The archive came to the “Lilian Voudouris” Music Library after a donation by the composer himself in April 2024. It is precisely this fact that is noteworthy, namely that Giorgos Kouroupos donated his archive to the Music Library while he was alive, a tactic they have followed and other composers, such as Mikis Theodorakis, Thodoros Antoniou and Christos Hatzis. This choice of the composer and the trust he shows in the Music Library is recognition for its work to date in the preservation and exploitation of the musical heritage, but also a trigger for the exploration of even more possibilities.

It is a valuable archive for the history of musical creation and practice from the second half of the 20th century to the present day. It mainly consists of scores from all the creative periods of the composer, while it additionally includes programs and reviews from presentations of his works.

The donation of the archive was accepted by the Library with a sense of honor and responsibility and with the promise to preserve it, to make it available to specialist researchers and to expand the possibilities for its use and display through modern digital tools, within and outside the borders our country.

The archive of Giorgos Kouroupos was added and occupies a prominent position among the 53 archives of Greek composers and artists that, since 1996, the Music Library systematically collects, edits, manages and digitally makes available to the scientific community and the wider public around the world. Information about the archives kept and managed by the Library can be found here:

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