Title: El método Tokei: Cómo poner en hora tu reloj interno para vivir con salud, energía y optimismo 

Authors: Dr. Eduard Estivill, Dra. Carla Estivill

Year: 2024

Publishing House: Patakis Publications

Subject: Self-help book

Pages: 264

The general directors of the Estivill Sleep Clinic (pioneers since 1989), Drs. Carla and Edward Estivil have participated in countless scientific conferences, have published scientific papers and written books that have sold millions of copies around the world. Two other related works are published by Patakis, Sleep, my child (2004, revised edition 2014) and Don’t let them steal your sleep. The Esteville Method for Adult Insomnia (2015).

The title of this book, Tokei, comes from the Japanese word for “clock”. On the one hand, the authors observe modern man’s dependence on the concept of time and the fast pace of everyday life, but they also point out that we are now neglecting our inner, natural clock. It is precisely this disconnection that leads millions of people to develop cardiovascular diseases, self-defeating diseases, mental disorders and even certain types of cancer.

The aim of the project, through the form of popular science, is to reconnect the individual with his or her internal clock, regarding food, sleep and energy. The ultimate goal is health and mental well-being! The journey of self-discovery through this book is fascinating. The reader is informed through explanatory charts and a suave writing style, while supplementary questionnaires lead one more quickly to identifying (and therefore) solving one’s biological clock problems.

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