Teloglion Foundation, completes the circle of the celebration for the 200 years from the Green Revolution with the Exhibition “Treasures of Philhellenic Painting” from the collection of Antionios E. Komninos Foundation. The exhibition, after its successful presentation in Benaki Museum, in Athens (03.11.2011-30.01.2022) has an opening in Thessaloniki on Thursday 22 of September 2022 at  19.30, from the Minister of Culture and Sports, Lina Mendoni.

The artworks that are about to be presented are coming from Antonios E. Komninos Foundantion’s collection and the paintings have been made by European painters that have been connected with the philhellenic movement.

It is about a unique collection , on one hand because of the great European artists that are included as the Italians L. Lipparini, C. Dell’Acqua, F. Agricola, the Germans Peter von Hess, J.C. Perlberg, L. Lange, C. Rottmann, the English D. Dighton, E. Lear, G.P. Reinagle, the French A.M. Colin, P. Bonirote, the Dutch M.C.W. Rørbye. On the other hand because the figures touch all the aspects of the Philhellenism.

The Collection isn’t just fascinating, but full, while contains figures of the greek landascape, in which lie the very beginning of the visual philhellenism, considering that those greek landscape painting contributed to the obtainment of territoriality for the ideal Greece for Europeans.

The exhibition is being framed up with a rich illustrated bilingual edition ( Greek – English) , that is available in Teloglion Foundation ( Agiou Dimitriou 159A), in Mikro Teloglion (Karolou Ntil 32) and also in the Foundation’s e-shop.

Curation: Dr. Fani-Maria Tsigkakou

Exhibition’s duration: 22.9.2022 – 29.01.2023

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