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Aristophanic dance drama “IACOB CAMPANELLIS”

Based on the translation by Kostas Taxtsis

The D.P.E.T.E. Patras and the Public Benefit Enterprise of the Municipality of Patras Carnival of Patras, co-organize the performance Ecclesiazusae, a Comedy, in collaboration with the Cultural Organization of the Municipality of Patras. This is the Aristophanic Choral Drama “IACOVOS CAMPANELLIS” which will be presented at the Municipal Theatre Apollo in the context of the events for the 100th anniversary of the birth of the father of the patriarch of modern Greek theatre.

The performance Ecclesiazusae by Loukas Thanos is based on the comedy of the same name by Aristophanes, translated by Kostas Taxtsis. The play has been embellished with texts and lyrics by Iakovos Campanellis and Loukas Thanos. The premiere is scheduled for Saturday 12 February 2022 at 21:30.

διανθιστεί, by Aristophanes, was first performed in 392 BC. Through their peculiar comic form and humorous episodes of political comedy, the poet expresses his bitterness about the difficult situation in Athens after the end of the Peloponnesian War.

During this period, the women of Athens, on the initiative of Praxagora, decide to react forcefully. Disguised as men, they appear in the Civic Church and impose their political reforms, implementing property and erotic communal ownership. An event that will prove to be utopian and will be undermined by a succession of comic and tragic situations.


Direction-Choreography: Loukas Thanos.

Stage and costume design: Kenny McLellan

Libretto-Music:  Loukas Thanos

Additional Choreography: Agelos Chatzis

Lighting Design: Nikos Sotiropoulos

Sound design: Sakis Koutsoukos

Assistant Director: Olga Thanou

Production Management: Tina Yovani

Projection and Communication: Sofia Mavridis

Teaser – Video performance: BetonLatex, Ioannis & Kopsinis, Andreas Smyrilios

Performance Photography: Nikos Psathogiannakis

Make-up: Ina Tseliou



Dancers with the Ballet of the Patras Municipal Theatre:

Theano Androni, Annathalia Karabella, Maria Kikina, Elias Maniatopoulos, Katerina Maragaki, Luiz Mendes, Errik Nour, Anna Fytila

Ballet piano accompanist: Olena Fentko

Musicians-Teachers of the Municipal Conservatory of Patras:

Piano: Liudmila Ivanova, Nina Metaxa

A and B violins: Yaroslav Tokarev, Alla Selalmazidi, Vladislav Ivanov, Danae Voutzina

Violas: Robert Smagulov, Svetlana Khmurova

Cello: Nikolai Komissarov, Alexander Kakarubas

Contra Bass: Karapetyan Vilen

Clarinet: Angeliki Syrrou

Choir teaching: Lina Geronikou

Choir Members of the Chamber Choir of the Municipal Conservatory of Patras:

Soprani: Christina Moraiti, Ioanna Papageorgiou, Sophia Salavantaki,

Irini Tsuma

Alti: Eleni Efthymiou, Ioanna Maltezou, Konstantina Papalexopoulou

Tenori: Kyriakos Athanasopoulos, Valeria Motrevits, Konstantinos Tripolitsiotis

Bassi: Jordan Valachas, Vasilis Konstantinaras.

The teaser of the show: 




Saturday12 February 2022 at 21:30

Sunday 13 February at 20:00

Wednesday 16 February at 21:30

Thursday 17 February at 21:30

Friday 18 February at 21:30

Saturday 19 February at 21:30

Sunday 20 February at 20:00

Wednesday 23 February at 21:30

Thursday 24 February at 21:30

Friday 25 February at 21:30

Saturday 26 February at 21:30

Sunday 27 February at 20:00

Wednesday 2 March at 21:30

Thursday 3 March at 21:30

Friday 4 March at 21:30

(Saturday 5 March at 21:30

Sunday 6 March at 20:00)

Apollo Theatre box office phone: 2610273613

Online ticket pre-sale :

Ticket prices: general admission 10 euros

Student, Pupil, Disabled, Unemployed 8 euros

Teachers and students of the Folk Education Centre, Centre for abused women and students of theatre studies -Atelia

The performance is free of charge