Contemporary sculptor Augustus Veinoglou presents Cross Breeds, an exhibition that invites viewers to reflect on relics/remnants that will be revealed in the future as defined through processes of transformation and hybridization.

The exhibition features a series of new sculptures and drawings that simulate the process of fossilization through the use of porcelain, paper mâché, and different plastic parts from the automobile industry and other machinery.

Veinoglou is known for his innovative use of materials and his ability to create immersive installation environments. His sculptures appear as relics or dug-up findings, using disparate materials and forms to create crossbreeds between skeletal structures, architectural furnishings, and mechanical objects. The objects present a haunting yet alluring vision of a dystopian or dreamlike future, where objects from different time periods and technologies have merged to create a material hybrid universe. The sculptures often have an apparent trace of a former mechanical agency.

The drawings in Cross Breeds explore the transformation of natural forms through the incorporation of minerals, microplastics and uncanny architectures. They create an ecosystem of this future, providing a structural impression of what our natural environment could become. The drawings are floating worlds, isolated in paper, drawing attention to elements of plasticity and perplexity.

Through Cross Breeds, Veinoglou presents a world where the boundaries between the natural and the artificial, the past and the future, and the animate and the inanimate blur and ultimately dissolve. The exhibition challenges viewers’ preconceived notions of what is natural and artificial and forces us to confront the possibility of a future where its monuments will also include curious hybrid findings composed of parts from our present time.

Address: Andrea Metaxa 25, Exarcheia, Athens

Info: [email protected] &

Opening: Thursday 30 March, 19:00-22:00

Opening hours: Wednesday-Friday 18:00-21:00 & Saturday 12:00-17:00

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