For the first time, works of contemporary art are exhibited at the Archaeological Museum of Ancient Messene.

The works of sculptor Aphroditi Liti are presented alongside the archaeological finds and offer the viewer a new reading of the ancient statues, miniature sculptures, and votive and burial offerings.

Artist Aphrodite Liti, a professor at the School of Fine Arts who has exhibited her works in more than 23 solo exhibitions and more than 200 group exhibitions around the world, has stated: “I decided to create an environment of 27 colorful butterflies which have ‘invaded’ the Museum, reviving in our memory all the creators of this transcendental architectural endeavor, which has survived unscathed to this day. Through its exemplary prominence, its robust design structure comes to support the whole emotional edifice, full of sweetness and joy for life.”

The curator of the exhibition, Louiza Karapidaki, has noted: “Many of Aphroditi Liti’s works are conceptually and thematically consistent with the permanent sculpture exhibition of the Museum. Liti’s contemporary visual writing, with prominent bronze works covered by glass tiles, converses harmoniously with the works of antiquity and creates an interactive iconographic relationship. The Museum is filled with color and liveliness emerging from the child figures that are looking at the statues, and the butterflies-souls floating between the works of the sculptor Damofontas. Liti’s overall narrative of the sculptural landscape fits aesthetically with the museological image of the Museum’s halls, exactly as it has been designed and implemented by Professor Petros Themelis.”

Exhibition duration: July 10 to October 10, 2021

Opening hours: Daily 8:00-20:00 (1st to 15th of September: 08 00-19:30, 16th to 30th of September: 08:00-19:00, 1st to 15th of October: 08:00-18:30 and 16th until October 31: 08:00-18:00)

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