Platforms Project is an international exhibition of the independent art scene without commercial or profit-making character and is organized by the urban non-profit company “line culture”. It has been presented every year since 2013 and is an annual international meeting of platform art groups that aims to document the way art groups operate. This year marks the 12th anniversary of its presentation and will hold a series of events such as parallel exhibitions, conferences, workshops, etc.

Platforms Project 2024 will involve 60 platforms from 29 countries. At the same time, the Open Studios of ASFA’s laboratories and the KIDS LAB educational programme will be presented. Artemis Potamianou and Michalis Argyrou are in charge of the project. Artemis Potamianou is the art director of Platforms Project 2024.

Platforms Project 2024

Platforms Project 2024 will be presented from 10 to 13 October 2024 at the Greek Public Tobacco Factory, with a rich and diverse programme of talks, videos and performances by the participating groups.

Platforms Project 2024 will essentially be a major meeting of platform collectives. In addition to the main programme consisting of the exhibition with the visual art platform-collectives and the independent visual art actions and spaces, Platforms Project 2024 will be a meeting place not only for visual art groups but also for other performing arts where their activities can come into contact and synergy with the visual arts and create a larger artistic experimental scene in the future.

At the same time, Platforms Project 2024 will create special programmes for non-art platforms to get to know the work of visual artists, exchange views and achieve collaborations. Various actions from platforms of dance, performance and music will also be presented.

Platforms Project 2024 will involve 60 platforms from 26 countries and more than 800 artists. More specifically, 60 platform artist groups will be presented:

Artágora (Spain), art team Συν (Greece), Affairs (France, United Kingdom), AKAPOEM (Greece), ArtCode (Greece), Artplatform |elsewhere / museum of forgetting (The Netherlands, Sweden), ArtUnitas (Greece), ATHENS STREET ART FESTIVAL (Greece), AVARTS (Greece), AxionArt (USA, Estonia, Italy, Finland, Austria, Cyprus), Baza (Greece), Bureau d’Art et de Recherche, Roubaix (France), CosmiKnot (United Kingdom), Cube Art Editions I Κύβος Εκδόσεις Τέχνης (Greece), ΚαλλιέργειαΚαλλιέργεια – CultivationCultivation (Greece, Denmark), Daily Temporary (Sweden, Greece), Darling Pearls & Co (United Kingdom), Dipola (Greece), Distortion Art (Sweden), Encounters Photography (Greece), ESA DunkerqueTourcoing (France), Ορίζοντας Γεγονότων – Events Horizon (Greece), EX-MÊKH (The Netherlands), FARFALLA (Greece), FESTIVART//ΤILT PLATFORM//FOCUS//MUSEUM OF FORGETING//MAMA CONTEMPORARY (Greece, Cyprus), FOREIGN (Germany, United Kingdom), Free Bloop Group (Poland), ΓΗ-ΝΕΚΥΙΑ | | Gi-Nekyia (Greece), GO Game (Greece, Russia, Bulgaria, Spain, Austria, Slovenia, Kazakhstan), IDI Galleri (Sweden), Ignorables (Greecd), Jointventura (Association IME; Aether Sofia) (Βulgaria), Kairos kai Chronos (United Kingdom) Kapa26art team (Greece), Kunsthalle Graz (Austria), META-FRASTES (Greece), METAPOLIS (Greece), Εργαστήρια λάθους | Mistake labs (Greece), Molekyl gallery (Sweden), Nulobaz Cooperative Art Space (Israel), oxymoron (Greece), PASAJ (Turkey), Postcards from home (Greece), POW WOW (Greece), Prospect Art (United States) Return2ithaca (Greece), Rhythm Section (Greece, United Kingdom, Ukraine), Straße der kollektiven Kunst (The Netherlands), Studio 22 (United Kingdom), Studio44 (Sweden), The Art Coalition – International (Canada, Sweden, United Kingdom), The M{ }esum (Sweden), The Red Boat Projects (Greece), The Shampon Two (United Kingdom), Théâtre Dionysos& Apollon – Les Apaches de Patission (Greece, France), Topp & Dubio (The Netherlands), Tupajumi foundation (The Netherlands), WEDO (Greece), When You’re Calmer (Germany).

At the same time, OPEN STUDIOS will be presented with students from the workshops of the Athens School of Fine Arts for the seventh consecutive year. This year the students will participate with their workshops in the premises of the Greek Public Tobacco Factory.

At the same time, three parallel solo exhibitions will be created in the Project Space exhibition spaces by artists from the participating platforms. Two symposia will be held in the context of the Platforms Project talks.

Platforms Project organizes a series of guided tours of the exhibition to bring the general public into contact with contemporary art.

Also, an integral part of the Platforms Project is the educational programme for children aged 4-16 years old KIDS LAB.This year it is designed by two platforms: the Greek platform Mistake Labs and Professor Christina Tsinisizeli, invites children during the Platforms Project to participate by creating their own mini space (mini cube pavilion) with paper, pencils, paints, where they can draw inspiration from the exhibition. The Greek platform AKAPOEM, on the other hand, aims to introduce children to the visual arts and to be inspired by the works of great artists.

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