With a legendary pianist of our time, Cyprien Katsaris, the new year begins for the Great Performers series. The leading virtuoso, who participated two years ago in an impressive four-piano recital at the Christos Lambrakis Hall, returns to present a rich programme, indicative of his boundless musical imagination, the vast range of his repertoire and the ease with which he moves between grand compositions and smaller forms.

This time, in his concert, Cyprien Katsaris focuses on brilliant composers, but also on works inspired by Greece, which bear the stamp of his unparalleled interpretation. In the first part of the evening, he will perform miniatures of representative composers of European Classicism and Romanticism: Joseph Haydn, Franz Schubert, Franz Liszt and Frédéric Chopin.

In the second part of his recital, the French-Cypriot piano maestro will present a “Tribute to Greece” that combines works by Ludwig van Beethoven and Franz Liszt, such as the brilliant Fantasia on motifs from “The Ruins of Athens“, with works by Greek composers, whom he has brought back to the forefront through his live performances and recordings in recent years.

As the conductor Christos Il. Kolovos in a note on the second section of the Cyprien Katsaris recital at the Megaron: “The unique “Tribute to Greece” covers some 200 years of music. It begins in the 19th century with one of the solo piano introductions by Nikolaos Halikiopoulos-Mantzaros, the “Patriarch” of our Modern Greek Art Music, to end with Six Sketches by Giorgos Leotsakos (first world presentation) and a sample of the work of the Greek Cypriot Phaedros Kavallaris, written at the dawn of our century.

Cyprien Katsaris will also perform compositions by Rena Kyriakou, Yannis Konstantinidis and Yannis Papaioannou.

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