The reference to the last exhibition by Giannis Kyriakidis in the “anonymos” art gallery is not just literary.

The deep inwardness of the artwork – the “one” as a whole – and the expression of a trajectory, that of the creator, are difficult to describe in themselves!

Everything began in 2009, with the first birth pangs of VISUAL LOGOS in parallel with the writing of the poem “The Last Apostle”.

It is a lengthy poem of more than 20 pages reflecting the inner agony and the search within Giannis. He presents himself as a student, meeting the “last Apostle” as a teacher.

His ecstatic poetry in full maturity took part in the world poetry contest in BERLIN in 2010, with the title “The Confession of a Candle”.

He won the third international prize both as the poet and the editor of the publication!

Needless to refer to the silence of the Greek State and the Greek Association of Writers regarding this event.

Giannis continues to visualize his poetic LOGOS and “completes” 2021 with 52 works – all of them with ink, tempera and watercolours – all of them in the same dimensions – why is that? dealing with the “subject matter” of the incarnation of the soul in human beings.

These are 52 artistic answers to 52 poetic questions!

The subject matter mentioned earlier – highly metaphysical – is of course depicted – as much as possible – with earthy colours, dark backgrounds, few hopes of light, throughout the narration of the course of the human psyche from the discovery of fire to this present day.

Of course, this work is “dark” and full of symbols – sometimes you need a magnifying glass – that are recognizable over centuries…

The text is very dense but not tiring, the works are independent “answers” without a particular order, so that whoever partakes and travels will be free to find his or her own codes to communicate with the work…

Purely by experience, Giannis knows that his “answers” are solely personal.

I do not know if his work ends here. I do not know whether he has other questions for the “Last Apostle”. Surely, though, seeing, “reading” the answers that were given to Giannis is an experience in itself in the search for the “Last Apostle”, and if he is the last one, we have to hurry, we have to find him…

Giorgos Dimitropoulos

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