The site specific  installation entitled “Μυστήριο95_Eπιφάνεια /Mystery95_Epiphany” by artist Kostas Basanos emerged after the artist’s research on the epigraphs in the archaeological site of Elefsina and the epigraph that is engraved on the tomb of Aeschylus.

The surface and the epigram are concepts linked to each other and define the context of the work, since the epigram is a text engraved usually on a vertical marble surface, such as a tombstone or a monument. By inscribing – or rather engraving – words on the surface, the resulting text characterizes it both conceptually and semantically. Such work that uses letters, words and phrases ‘engraved’ on a horizontal surface literally and metaphorically, is ‘read’ by the upright viewer as he or she moves across it. The work is completed after the viewer has crossed it, where each step corresponds to a letter, a word or a phrase. The work is placed on the pier and as the spectator completes the walk he comes to the end of the pier and finally is confronted with the horizon of the landscape, the arrival, the anticipation and the departure. This is also the fluidity of the human condition, which results from the passage of the text he uses for the inscription, which is drawn from the short story Pirandello’s 1915 poem La Trappola (The Trap), as a funerary epigraph: “Life is the wind, life is the sea, life is fire; it is not the earth that crusts and takes shape. Every form is death. Everything that is not in a fluid state, in a continuous flow, incandescent and indefinite form, is death. We are all trapped and cut off from this incessant flow, destined for death”.

*The presentation of the project took place on Sunday 17/12 at 13.00 to 15.00

Location:Elefsina – Pier next to the port of Psarades

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