Zoumboulakis Gallery invites you to the new group exhibition “Animal Tales” that opens on Saturday, December 17th.

The exhibition “Animal Tales ” rethinks the representation and symbolism of animals through references to the history of Western art, as well as the relationship of man with the non-human animal in the present era.

Artists respond to the visual illustration of animals today, while at the same time bringing to the fore members of the animal kingdom that are usually left in obscurity; inspired by folk sayings, myths, poems and personal experiences that revolve around the interaction, symbiosis or even the distance of man from animals.

“Animal Tales”, comes from the tradition of allegorical writing and is a terminology that had prevailed to describe (usually children’s) fairy tales and stories in which animals that have adopted human characteristics and lifestyle are starring. The exhibition borrows this terminology, with a humorous mood and a mocking look, attempting to turn the anthropocentric, entertaining look to the social dimensions of the diptych of humanity – animality, proposing a framework for reviewing the complexity of man’s relationship with both nature and animals.

Embracing criticisms and philosophical references and traditions of Western philosophers, the exhibition evolves through seven themes that contrast and complement each other: from the intimacy and companionship of pets, to highlighting the distance of man from animals when they are found in their natural environment. Animal stories, survival instincts, food chain, colonialism and fairy tales end in a spectrum of hybridization, in the blunting of the boundaries of the human and the non-human, in the post-human.

Exhibition curated by Georgia Liapi

Participating artists: Giannis Adamakis, Alexandra Athanasiadis, Diamantis Aidinis, Vanessa Anastasopoulou, Eugenia Vereli, George Gerontidis, Miltos Golemas, Thomas Diotis, Manolis Zacharioudakis, Marina Karella, Haris Kontosphyris, Nikos Moschos, Eleni Mylona, Natassa Poulantza, Ioanna Ralli, Sofia Rozaki, Stefanos Rokos, Myrto Stamboulou, Nikos Tranos, George Tserionis, Anna Fafaliou, Manolis Charos, Georgia Fambris, Melina Mosland, Louis-Philippe Scoufaras.

Exhibition duration: December 17, 2022-January 21, 2023

Zoumboulakis Gallery, PL. Kolonaki 20

Opening hours: Tue., Thur. & Prov. 11.00 -20.00

Wed. & Sat. 11.00 –15.00

Sunday & Monday closed

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