Panos Kougias, an exceptional graduate of the first class of directing at the National Theatre Greece, tackles August Strindberg’s classic masterpiece “Miss Julie”. The show premieres February 1 at the Fournos Theatre every Thursday and Friday at 21.00 for a limited number of performances.

“She fell in love with him. Very much. Love. The one who imposes himself. Who sodomizes. Who bumps. Who drifts. That can’t help but happen. It will happen. Co-operatively. Catchingly and carelessly. And may the world be destroyed at first light. A love for two; who for one night, found an escape in this old world that is unraveling. Two, who found the essence between the pauses. The music in what is not said. Their space in the gaps of each other’s fingers. Like a shirt unbuttoned on the last night of the summer solstice.


Ladies and gentlemen. Look.

Their shape.

A shape for three.


A figure for each and every one of us/ For we are Odysseus/ and the Odyssey of the other/ we the exile/ we Ithaca/ we the photograph of our ruined homeland/ now and then/ we the suitors/ we the shipwrecks/ we/ all we/


Turn on the flashlights of your mobile phones.

Turn on the lights in the stage.

See. Their shape.”

[An excerpt from the text of the play]

August Strindberg’s iconic play “Miss Julie”, seen through the code of silence. The acting characters in the show explore the limits of loneliness around the cosmogonic questioning: “Is love a human autoimmune?”

Cast and Crew:


SET AND COSTUME DESIGN: Asi Demetrolopoulou

LIGHT DESIGN: Stevi Koutsothanasi

MASKS: Elena Gavela

PHOTOS BY: Yorgos Kassapidis


THE ACTORS: Menelaos Kyparissis, Dafne Skroumpelou, Matina Stamou, h_theia_Soula



From 01/02/2024 every Thursday and Friday at 21:00pm for a limited number of performances.


Fournos Theatre, Mavromichali 168, Exarcheia

Duration: 60 minutes

Information/ bookings:

Tel.: 21 0646 0748

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