Lola Nikolaou Gallery (54 Tsimiski Street, Thessaloniki) will host an exhibition of works by the important painter Nikos Kryonidis from 7 December 2023.

Thalia Stefanidou, curator and art historian, says of Kryonidis’ work:

“Nikos Kryonidis discovers and submits, incessantly, shapes of thought or feelings as forms of artistic expression with the determination of an adult and childlike enthusiasm at the same time. His “painterly” texts function as sketches of visual discourse that form episodes of graphisms, sometimes implying and sometimes emphatically emphasizing the primary tools of the act of painting. These are undoubtedly developments of experimentation and gymnastics, attempts to map an associative narrative, even impressions of successive patterns that multiply the perception of the enigma, expanding its interpretative potential.

His creaturely landscapes, similar to masses of colour suspended in a kind of equilibrium on the canvas, function as geographies of the imaginary that seem to trap shapes of flocks of birds in fluid lines of the horizon. Again, perhaps they convey emotions of psychic order from an inner vision, without forming anything immediately recognizable.

I had previously defined his improvisational practice as “happenings on paper” and as networks of colour flows and fleeting images or words that promote and foster independent thinking and the polysemy of painterly performance. A painting act that struggles to trace the present of the moment in that elusive, erotic and playful condition where the imperative of “come further away” – “go closer” is confessed.

Today, mainly due to his recurrent obsessions and selective retrospectives, I call his personal idiom a visual diary of his purely personal and experiential wanderings, a diary beyond goals and final destination.

Nikos Kryonidis’s poetics moves in search of the inexplicable and indeterminate, proposing incessant transmutation, a prolonged and constant delirium for what is a trace of memory and emotion intertwined with creatures of the imagination and with what is here and now present. In an attempt to decipher the poetics of this type, Nietzsche’s aphorism ‘you have to guess the painter to understand the image’ helps us to suspect the dialectical relationship between the image produced as the body of the painting and the body of the creator who produces it.’

LOLA NIKOLAOU GALLERY | Tsimiski 52, Thessaloniki

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opening hours: Tue., Thu., Fri.: 12.00 – 20.00 / Wedn., Sat.: 12.00 -15.00

07.12.2023 – 05.01.2024

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