Demi Kaia-  That Time

P. Psychiko

Curator: Christoforos Marinos

Inspired by Samuel Beckett’s one-act play “That time” (1975), Demi Kaia presents her work of the last eight years in a unique and intimate exhibition space, her own home, a single-family house in Paleo Psychiko.

All the spaces of the residence and the garden, while maintaining the usability of the daily function of the house, have been transformed into a house-gallery, an artist’s house open to the public, which highlights in the most direct way the works on display, exactly where they were created. Paintings, wood sculptures found in the garden of the house, interventions even in the furniture of the house, make up an environment of an exhibition, not only of art, but of Demi Kaia’s own personality.

In Beckett’s work, without any particular props (according to his own instructions), the lack of punctuation marks and fragmentary repetition, through three alternating voices, reflect the ambiguity, disorder and confusion of the human soul.  In the exhibition, the works take on the role of voices, narrating Demi Kaia’s own thoughts about human nature, consciousness, the relationship with the past, the fears of the soul, with absolute honesty.

As ChristoforosMarinos writes in the curatorial text, “An exhibition in a house is by definition an unusual exhibition. All the more so when it has a confessional character and brings out the dirty laundry of a person and society. After this exhibition the way we will see Demi Kaia will not be the same. Here the word “exhibition” is not unambiguous and does not only refer to works of art. The artist exhibits and is exhibited, she brings out her inner self, she turns her heart inside out. She is not only an exhibitor but also exposed to others. To recall Leiris, she puts into practice the fundamental rule to which he, she or it who makes confessions is subjected: to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Demi Kaia sacrifices her calm, security and protection for art, as any important artist would do. But she shouldn’t worry, because she lives and is surrounded by people who love her, appreciates her and watch her like their own eyes.”

Last April, at the Angelos and LetoKatakouzinou Foundation, Demi Kaia gave a first presentation of a different part of her work, the ongoing project Bookworms or the Library of Desires, which started from the very beginning of her artistic practice.

The exhibition, curated by EphiFalida, included more than 60 books from her collection of personal readings, from her student notes to books she read and drew on a few days before the

Demi Kaia was born in Larissa and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree from La Verne University of California.

 She has had nine solo exhibitions:

– “The heart wants what it wants / the Black Museum”, gallery, Athens (2015)

– “The Diaries”, gallery, Athens (2013).

– “With Eyes Open”, Municipal Gallery, Corfu, Greece (2010)

– “The Cities of People”, Silk Gallery, Cyprus (2009)

– “Virtual Cities”, Professional Chamber of Commerce, Thessaloniki (2009) “Monocities”, Mommy multi-purpose space, Athens (2007)

– “Sleepless Cities”, Kapopoulos Fine Arts gallery, Athens (2006)

– “Illustrations”, The Athenian Callirhoe Hotel, Athens (2004)

– “Technology”, EKKA Mercedes Benz, Athens (2003)

He has participated in 15 group exhibitions. Among them, “Emfylo-gene” (2019), “The Diary of a Modestra” (2018), “Antiquidia – Dialogues with Antiquity” (2017), “Remap4” (2013), “The body as a city” (2011) at a.antonopoulou gallery. art, “Rag to Rich” (2018) at The Frances Rich School of Fine and Performing Arts, “Fresh Paint 9 – Defenses” (2017) at Steinhardt Museum of Natural History in Israel, “For your Own Good – International Cheap Laser Summit” (2013) at Tinquely museum in Switzerland.

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