What happens when two artists are invited to collaborate for the first time and co-create? The exhibition Hybrids presents 8 project works by 16 artists, which were created through the synergy of individuals in pairs. Starting from the twofold quality that bears the very name of the Amphicar space, the selected people were invited to work in teams in order to propose new hybrid works, after a long period of mutual exchange and fermentation. This way, the production process served as a time of encounter, reflection and growth.

Dimitra Zervou

The curator of the exhibition and art historian, Elli Leventaki, notes in the text of the exhibition: “Apart from the final result, the aim is to reintroduce (and why not establish) the concept of cooperation, not only on a level of coexistence but also of co-formation, breaking the boundaries of individualism that often govern the world of art. The idea of operating exclusively as individuals is based on the disruptive logic of the capitalist model, which ensures the impermeable limits of social interaction and promotes competition at all costs. In this context, the organization and production of artistic and cultural work in a cooperative way can be seen as an almost revolutionary act. In the case of the Hybrids exhibition, the aim is to break down these barriers through a plan of action based on equal cooperation and creation, in order to demonstrate the multiple new possibilities that can arise on the basis of Amphicar’s hybrid character”.

Theodora Kanelli

Participating pairs: Marilia Kolibiri& Melina Mosland, Eleni Arvaniti & Johnna Sachpazis, Danai Kotsaki& Marisa Satsia, Angelos Angelidis & Dimitris Kontodimos, Cristina Koutsolioutsou& Nana Seferli, George Kostoglou (BOEM) & Theodora Kanelli, Dimitra Zervou & Martha Panagiotopoulou, Marilena Aligizaki& Rika Krithara

* Marisa Satsia’s participation is supported by Culture Moves Europe, funded by the European Union and implemented by the Goethe Institut.

Curator: Elli Leventaki

Opening: 24 May 2024 at 18:00.

Duration: 25 May– 2 June 2024

Visiting Hours: Tuesday through Friday17:00-21:00 & Weekends 14:00-21:00

Location: Amphicar, Ekatis 7, 11146, Galatsi, Athens

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