Mendelssohn’s best-known melody, the wedding march, is written for Shakespeare’s ode to Love, A Midsummer Night’s dream. Fairies, elves, a forest full of surprises, two couples who hunt and are hunted, a wandering troupe, a royal wedding, and divine symphonic music that captures the sound of rustling leaves, fairy lullabies, donkey garrisons, metamorphosis, the movement of love, the truth of the moment and the other truth, of fantasy.

In our performance, the ERT Symphony Orchestra stars, since the music itself narrates and offers us an open conversation with the Shakespearean discourse and the images that each of us creates in his unique world. Actors become talking instruments of the orchestra, harmonious, when they fall in love, and corrosive, when they owe as gods or elves. The ERT Choir becomes the fairy voice of the forest, and we all travel together into the unknown. Where every change in life leads us. Some will frighten us, some will enchant us, and all will be music. Coming out of there, we’ll all have moved.

Thank You, Felix.

Presentation – Direction: Nadia Kontogeorgi

Participants: Ioanna Triantafyllidis, Kimon Kouris, Lydia Tzanoudaki, Stratos Lykos

Music Direction: Stathis Soulis

Day and time: Sunday 22.01.2023, 12: 00

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