International Museum Day has been celebrated since 1977 on 18 May each year. The celebration was established by the International Council of Museums (ICOM) with the aim of highlighting the role of museums and enhancing education, promoting mutual understanding, peace and cooperation among peoples.” The topic of this year’s celebration is “Museums for Education and Research“.

This year’s honoured museum is the Museum of Modern Greek Culture. ICOM Greece, participating in the International Museum Day, organizes every year a series of events and the entrance to the museums is free.

The Acropolis Museum participates in this year’s International Museum Day, on Saturday 18 May 2024 and Sunday 19 May 2024, with extended opening hours. On Saturday there will be a thematic presentation “Saturday at the Museum with 20+1 masterpieces” and on Sunday an adventure for young visitors through the exhibition halls entitled “A mystery… asking for its solution“.

© Acropolis Museum. Photo Yorgos Vitsaropoulos

As every year, rich and innovative actions, organized by the OTE GROUP Telecommunications Museum celebrating International Museum Day and World Telecommunications Day. The Museum’s activities include a theatrical performance, a technology workshop, music, a juggling show in the Museum’s premises. Special mention should be made of the interactive game “chaka – chaka” at the SOS Children’s Villages and the Elefsina Love Centre.

An exhibition of ten contemporary artists who have been inspired by his collection, will host the  Historical Archive of National Bank of Greece on the occasion of this year’s celebration. The action is complemented by a concert by students of the Music School and a paper-making workshop. It also organises the exhibition “Archival Treasures” with documents and archives from the Archive’s collection.

Kokkini, Historical Archive of National Bank of Greece

The Epigraphic Museum, as every year, participates in the celebration of the International Museum Day, inviting the public to educational programmes and workshops for children and adults as well as a musical event in the Museum’s courtyard.

With many actions will also participate the National History Museum. There will be a guided tour for visually impaired people in the temporary exhibition “From Great to Modern Greece: the Refugees“, a game for teenagers: “Searching for the Lost Relic“, presentation of relics by the Museum’s curators.

With free admission to all Museums, permanent and temporary exhibitions, celebrates the Benaki Museum the International Museum Day. As part of the celebration, visitors can expect surprises such as guided tours and educational activities, while the Toy Museum will open a new exhibition space for the first time to the public.

Benaki Museum

The City of Athens participates in the celebration of International Museum Day, and invites children and the whole family to take part in a series of events organised by OPANDA, with free participation, at the Art Gallery, the Arts Centre, the Museum of Folk Art and Tradition “Angeliki Hadjimichali”, the Digital Museum of Plato’s Academy, the Cultural Centre “Melina” and the Children’s Library of Larissa Station.

The Museum of Traditional Instruments Thirathen, in Heraklion, is waiting for residents and visitors of the city to visit the Museum with free entrance and get to know its rich collection. Besides, Museum Day is the most appropriate “occasion to explore the diversity and rich cultural heritage of museums around the world“.


The Historical Museum of Crete participating in this year’s event, has prepared a series of activities open to the public of all ages that extend beyond 18 May. These are the actions Syn|vioseis for children from 12 years old and adults and Objects with Histories for school groups.

ESTIA Nea Smyrni also celebrates the International Museum Day and presents a rich programme of activities for children, teenagers and adults with free admission. In addition to the open tours for the public, ESTIA will offer the theatre-educational workshop for children aged 6 to 13 “Once upon a time…objects tell a story” while two giant “Koutsos” will be placed in the courtyard for the passers-by and visitors of ESTIA.

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