A call to everyone to attend the big charity concert that will take place on Saturday, November 26 at the Congress and Cultural Center of the University of Patras, with the string night Orchestra “Thanasis Tsiminakis” and the participation of Tania Tsanaklidou and Costas Thomaidis, was addressed on Monday morning, November 21, during a press conference, by the president of the Cultural Organization Katerina Geropanayiotis.

The net proceeds of the concert will be donated to support the work of the Association of women with breast cancer alma Zois N. Achaia, which completes ten years of the great information campaign for the prevention – early diagnosis of breast cancer, carried out by the Association of women alma Zois N. Achaea.”

Costas Tsipinakis referred to the work and route of his brother Thanasis Tsipinakis noting that ” 30 years ago he had the vision to create the Municipal Orchestra of string nights and the creation of the Municipal Conservatory of the city. Indeed, in 1985, a 28-year-old man with two complete sentences, found himself in front of the late Theodore Anninos and submitted them to him. The then mayor gave an order for the proceedings to begin immediately. This was what Thanasis Tsipinakis had planned through his love for music and love for his city in order to enable the children of the working class in the city of Patras to have two direct accesses. One in the night String Orchestra where the lessons were completely free and one in the Municipal Conservatory of Patras where with very low tuition fees The Children of Patras could have access to music studies.

Ms. Angeliki Stefanaki from” Alma Zois “expressed her thanks to all those who collaborated and helped for the realization of the concert, stating that” for Alma Zois it is an honor that at the time of the 10 years since the death of Thanasis Tsipinakis this collaboration takes place”, adding that ” in the summer of 2012 Liolio Kolypera talked with Thanasis Tsipinakis about organizing a concert in November of that year, to strengthen the fight of Women Against Breast Cancer. She spoke to him and even spoke from the hospital where he was being treated. At some point the phone went silent. After a while we learned that Thanasis Tsipinakis was no longer near us. I consider it karmic that ten years after his death this proposal came and this concert will be implemented”.

The concert will take place on Saturday, November 26, 2022 at 8.00 in the evening at the Congress & Cultural Center of the University of Patras.

Contributors: Tania Tsanaklidou, Costas Thomaidis, string night Orchestra “Thanasis Tsipinakis” of the municipality of Patras, Anastasios Symeonidis, (Musical Direction), Vagia Zeppatou (artistic direction of the orchestra), Elias Karkavelias (Contra Bass), Dionysios Bastas (Sound Design – Sound Engineering”, Nikos Sotiropoulos (Lighting Design).

Poster Design Angelos Theodoropoulos,

Artistic Direction Of Orchestra: Vagia Zeppatou

The concert is conducted by renowned conductor Anastasios Symeonidis.

Ticket availability: corner of the book, bookstore”Rodopoulos”

ALMA ZOIS N.Achaia (GOUNARI 37, 4th floor).

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