Important news for Greek art!

The artist-painting artist Periklis Costopoulos participates in an international exhibition of 220 artists at the “MIDECIANT Museum” in Cuenca, Spain. The exhibition entitled ”Mail Art/ Tribute to Ibirico” will run until 26 November and Costopoulos’ work will be included in the permanent collection of the Spanish Museum after the exhibition.

Art Historian and Art Critic Dora Iliopoulou-Rogan stresses the importance of the work of Periklis Costopoulos:

“The works of Periklis Costopoulos are explosions of colour and psychism. The explosions of colour are sublime, authentic and grandiose. They suggest inexhaustible impressions, associations, experiences, situations. Most importantly, his work is completely personal and in this century of globalization he has managed to maintain a personality all his own.”

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