The close relations between Greece and Sicily date back to ancient times and are maintained to this day through an ongoing cultural dialogue and, of course, the science of archaeology. The latter has brought, is bringing and will continue to bring to the fore objects that indeed prove in its entirety the timeless Greek presence in Sicily.

In this light, the classical high school of Paterno Liceo Statale Francesco De Sanctis, presents an exhibition of vases and other ancient pottery objects of the Greek period. The innovative and revolutionary element of this exhibition lies in the fact that these are objects that have never been exhibited before and are being presented for the first time at this school.

In this way, the classical high school passes from the theory and the pages of the wisdom of the classical world to direct contact with objects of the period, enriching the teaching process and at the same time inviting the public, international and domestic, on a fascinating journey into the past.

According to Professor Enrico Santaniello, this is the original idea of a school that now “becomes a museum, a bearer of knowledge and inspiration. Innovative, inclusive, intercultural. An archaeological exhibition to look towards new horizons together with institutions and associations. Our future starts from the past, from study, from commitment, from cooperation.” In closing, the professor described the classical high school exhibition as a “priceless heritage that belongs to all of humanity”.

The exhibition opened on 29 April and will be open to the public until 31 May 2024.

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