Gallery Marginalia inaugurates its collaboration with the artist Gefso Papadakis, presenting her solo exhibition entitled “A brief retrospective“.

These are thirty-one works dating from 2017 to the present day. For this exhibition, works have been selected in which we can more or less suggestively discern the human presence. With her works, Gefso Papadakis wants to penetrate into the innermost of the human soul, to listen to it, to understand it and to express it. Love, loneliness, human relationships and hope are some of the themes she deals with. As she says, “The works in the exhibition are the expression of a continuous inner search, in an attempt to reconstruct the various fragments of my self. A travelogue to what we are really or mentally living”. Many of these works are inspired by the verses of great Greek poets, such as Cavafy, Ritsos, Patrikios, Leivaditis, Polydouri. The selection of the verses by the visual artist is also based on the same inner quests. The thirty-one works in the exhibition are a small retrospective on these themes, hence the title of the exhibition.

With rich, pulsating and often intense colour, Gefso Papadaki creates intense emotions. She uses acrylic paints, but also watercolour, while collage is often a technique that contributes expressively to the work. She moves between realism and abstraction, reality and utopia, enabling the viewer to have his or her own personal reading of the work or multiple readings.

Exhibition Curator: Michalis Vasiliadis

Opening: 10 May at 19.30

Duration: 10 May– 1 June 2024

Arch. Kyprianou 15 D Ε 2059 Strovolos, tel.99657080

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