An action for the transmission of the element of the art of Tinian marble art to younger generations, contributing essentially to its preservation, will be completed next weekend. The cultural programme sponsored by the Ministry of Culture and Sports, “Seeking the Intangible. From discontinuity to continuity in Tinian marble carving“, was designed in 2022 and is being implemented since the spring of this year with the participation of high school students from Athens and Tinos, as well as adults with a love for the art of our land, in marble sculpture workshops.

The organization was achieved through the cooperation of the Cultural Foundation of Tinos with the Technical College of Tinos, the 1st Laboratory Centre of Athens (Agia Paraskevi) and the marble sculpture workshops of Lorentzos Vidalis, Koussounadis Bros., Nikolaos Desypris and Onoufrios Desypris.

On the weekend of 9 and 10 December we enter the second and final phase of this programme, with:

  1. The visit of the students from Tinos and Athens, who took part in the programme, to the Marble Craft Museum, the Tinos Art School and a marble sculpture workshop.
  2. Training seminar Ways and perspectives of cooperation with professionals of contemporary art and contemporary design for marble sculptors working in Tinos and students of Tinos Art School.
  3. The presentation of the results of the cultural project Searching for the intangible

Idea and design proposal: Katerina Pizania and Vasiliki Boulerou

Associates marble craftsmen: Lorenzo Vidalis, Nikos Desypris, Onoufrios Desypris, Nikos Kousounadis, Manolis Kousounadis, George Vidos, Rossana Tika.

Production Manager: Vasiliki Boulerou

Responsible for the implementation of the laboratory courses of the 1st Laboratory Centre of Athens (2ndEPAL Agia Paraskevi): George Bohtanidis (coordinating teacher), Charikleia Tsionis (participating teacher) and Rosanna Tika (marble sculptor).

Responsible for the workshop and coordination: Markos Vidalis and Katerina Pizania

Communication Officer: Ioanna Koulocheri

Audiovisual recording supervisor: Fred Smith

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