On Sunday, October 1, at the historic building of the IP12, at 12 Iroon Polytechniou  Street, in Chania, the exhibition “The Lobes of Memory“, with works by the artist Aliki Chiotaki and curated by the museologist Myrto Kontomitaki, was successfully inaugurated. The exhibition on the opening day will be open to the public from 3pm to 9pm.

As museologist Myrto Kontomitaki describes in the text of the exhibition: “ …With an almost “lacy” use of black ink, the artist Aliki Chiotaki reveals to us the soul (the big soul, like the insect trademark of the exhibition) of the building, which flies and lands in unspeakable places of the house, inside and outside of frames. Strictly selected furniture and objects from another era, of aesthetic satisfaction or purely medical use, are part of a continuous conversation with the artworks .Unexpectedly installed old evidence of a neat urban everyday life, where great ideas, artworks, doctors and great personalities were born. The whole house is a “shiny” frame for an installation-event, in the form of an art exhibition, without fiddling and artistic chatter.

The exhibition, entitled “The Lobes of Memory”, is on display from 1 October 2023, until we decide it is time to take it down. Until that time comes, in the name of truth, in the name of the long and unadulterated friendship that has connected us since our teenage years, we will continue to touch on many unsaid things in the magical building of IP12. A building-kingdom of ideology, of continuous effort, of selflessness, which in the last century was the home of the doctor, politician and poet Kostas Chiotakis and his wife Alice. Yes, the grandfather and grandmother of Aliki Chiotakis, with whom we are now in sympathy…”

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