TITLE: Teaching Specialist

CATEGORY: Part-time contract for the Winter Semester 2023-2024 (September-December 2023)

PLACE OF WORK: University of Cyprus, Nicosia

The Department of Business Administration and Public Administration of the University of Cyprus is accepting applications for a number of part-time fixed-term part-time teaching positions for the Fall Semester 2023-2024.  Filling of the post is subject to availability of funding. 

Candidates are invited to fill teaching needs in the following courses:

Fall Semester 2023-2024


  • DSC551-Data Visualization (1 position, graduate level course in English)
  • DED231-Principles and Practices of Management (1 place, undergraduate level course in Greek)
  • BPA231-Organizational Behaviour (1 place, graduate level course in Greek)
  • BPA241-Introduction to Operations Management (1 place, undergraduate level course in English)
  • BPA242-Data Analysis and Applications in Business Management (1 place, undergraduate level course in Greek)
  • BPA251-Marketing Principles (1 place, undergraduate level course in English)
  • BPA271-Introduction to Sociology for Management Scientists (1 place, undergraduate level course in Greek)
  • BPA332-Business Ethics (1 place, undergraduate level course in Greek)
  • BPA335-Bicultural Management (2 places, undergraduate level course in Greek and English)
  • BPA336-Communication in Management (1 place, undergraduate level course in Greek)
  • BPA342-Supply Chain Management (1 place, undergraduate level course in English)
  • BPA346-Quantitative Methods in Management II (1 place, undergraduate level course in Greek)
  • BPA432-Innovation Management (1 place, undergraduate level course in English)
  • BPA434-Entrepreneurship (1 place, undergraduate level course in English)
  • BPA452-International Marketing (1 place, one undergraduate course in English)
  • BPA461-Organisations and Human Factors (1 place, undergraduate level course in English).



  • Teaching an undergraduate course or laboratory under the supervision of a member of the academic staff of the Department, Some courses are offered in English (e.g. for students participating in the Erasmus programme for student exchanges between European universities).
  • Guidance and supervision of students in carrying out assignments and individual or group studies. Preparing, supervising and marking examinations and assignments.




  • Master’s degree (M.Sc., MBA, M.A.) or Doctoral degree (PhD) from a recognised university in a related field.
  • Very good knowledge of Greek and English language.





  • Relevance of studies and previous professional experience to the subjects of the courses in which candidates are interested.
  • Previous experience in teaching related courses at university level and/or research experience will be taken into account in the selection process.




The hourly rate is €40 for holders of a Master’s degree (M.Sc, MBA, M.A.) and €68 for holders of a PhD.  The gross remuneration will be: fee x hours of teaching per week x 15 weeks (Winter Semester lasts 15 weeks).  These amounts will be subject to deduction of the employee’s contributions to the various State funds, as provided for by current legislation.


Applicants must submit the following:


  1. CV
  2.  a full application form, including photocopies of diplomas
  3. Covering letter of interest indicating the possibility of teaching in English. A brief description of the course in the Department’s curriculum can be found at the following link: https://newdev.ucy.ac.cy/bpa/?lang=el

In case the person selected is employed in the public sector or the wider public sector, he/she must obtain prior permission from the relevant Department/Ministry or wider public sector.

The selected candidate will be asked to provide certified photocopies of diplomas from the Ministry of Education (in case of diplomas from private schools/universities in Cyprus) or from the Issuing Authority (in case of universities abroad).

Interested parties can fill in the online application form at the following link:https://applications.ucy.ac.cy/recruitment

Applications must be submitted no later than Friday 26 May 2023 at 14:00.

For further information please contact the secretariat of the Department (email: [email protected] , TEL.: +357 22 893740).

At least the three most successful candidates per post who meet the required qualifications will be invited for an interview before a panel of at least three persons.

Candidates will be informed by the entity by e-mail of the outcome of their application.

Having regard to the provisions of the EU General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament, the University of Cyprus collects and processes your personal data in accordance with the provisions of the Regulation.

The University of Cyprus (UC) promotes inclusion, diversity, equality, and the elimination of all forms of discrimination in order to provide a fair, safe, and enjoyable environment for the entire university community, where students and staff, within and across their multiple identities, feel supported, both in their professional and personal development. It, therefore, seeks to create the right conditions that encourage and respect diversity and ensure dignity, both in the workplace and in wider society. At the same time, the CI has adopted specific policies to promote equal opportunities and respect and understanding of diversity and is committed to promoting and maintaining a working, educational, and learning environment that is free from all forms of discrimination, whether direct or indirect.

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