All Textile Artists working with gold threads and metal threads are invited to participate in the upcoming exhibition “The Age of Gold: Rising Sun“, which aims to showcase the Art of Thread through the creativity, imagination and inspiration of artisans and artists.

Any technique is accepted, woven, embroidery, crochet, macrame, tatting, free technique and mixed techniques. Selection criteria are originality of the work, use of metallic thread, artistic and aesthetic value of the work!

The theme “Rising Sun” invites artists to explore and be inspired by the myths, legends and stories associated with the Sun Gods. Guided by Amaterasu, the Sun Goddess in Japan, the golden threads travel from the land of the rising sun to Greece. Every dawn the Sun, the Titan God of the Sun, takes hold of the end of the thread and begins his journey to the sky, giving life to the world.

The selected works will be presented in a unique exhibition to an audience of yarn art enthusiasts, collectors, industry professionals, artists and creators from all areas of Textile Art.

For more information about “The Gold Age: Rising Sun” and for the conditions of participation visit the page

Project Submission Deadline 12 July 2024

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