What do we get from a work of art? With which parts of the soul do we process it? How does the artistic experience affect our memory? And many more questions and concerns, starting from art and through the psychoanalytic approach, will be posed in an open discussion with the audience, with the aim of mutual understanding of what an act of art is and how it relates to the human being.

A meeting on the occasion of the artist’s project to transmit his aesthetic and emotional experience. A meeting in which the Psychoanalysts will attempt to share the experience of their psychic contact with the creative event. Of what happened and is happening in the process, creating bridges between the states of consciousness in which the Artists, the Audience and themselves will find themselves.

A meeting of mutual transformations

Eight artistic creations from all kinds of arts, visual performance, photography|videoart, theatre, performance writing, performance composition, musical duet, music performance and experimental cinema are embraced by the approaches of eight psychotherapists/psychoanalysts/psychologists (members of the North Helladic Psychoanalytic Society). The psyche of the psychoanalyst/psychologist/psychotherapist is sculpted by the artwork and transformed. The artwork creates the psychoanalyst and the artist is transformed into an experiential recipient of this creative experience. And the audience enters and participates in this encounter of mutual transformations.

The Festival is open to everyone.

Within the exhibition area.

Information-Bookings: 6946908317

Conceived-Organised by-Art Direction: Stella Kolyvopoulou

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