The Broken Jug” by Heinrich von Kleist, one of the best known and most popular comedies of European theatre comes on Friday 12 July at the Patras International Festival, translated, adapted and directed by Giorgos Kimoulis, to be hosted at 9.30 pm at the Municipal Summer Theatre of Ritsos Street.

Theatre lovers will watch a show with sparkling characters, unexpected comic twists and turns, constant misunderstandings and inevitable conflicts.

The play revolves around a trial in a provincial courtroom. Adam, the judge, is the most corrupt of all. When he first appears, his head is battered and bruised and his judge’s wig (which might restore his dignity somewhat) is gone. His inconceivable appearance, as we gradually discover, is not unrelated to the case and the facts that will be explored at the trial.

The Cast: Giorgos Kimoulis, Joyce Evidi, Argyris Aggelou, Lily Tsesmatzoglou, Giorgos Striftaris, Vassilis Giakoumaros, Vassilis Poulakos.

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