Takis Tzamargias presents the stage play You Can’t Tie a Mustang Down, inspired by the work of Christos Chomenidis, in the Little Theatre of Ancient Epidaurus, from 04/08 until 05/08/2023.

As part of the Contemporary Ancients Cycle of the Athens Epidaurus Festival, Takis Tzamargias brings to the stage the original text of the well-known author, who, starting from Euripides’ Ion, has written a work about some of the most fundamental, timeless issues: the roots of every human being, power, love, lust.

A cast of great Greek actors and actresses participates in the show: Gerasimos Gennatas, Evgenia Dimitropoulou, Lena Drosaki, Stelios Iakovidis, Gogo Brebou, Dimitris Fourlis

About the play

Two places, two worlds. One the one hand, Delphi, a utopia dating from the mythical times, now in the present, close to the Arachova ski resort and tavernas. On the other hand, Athens, complete with its immorality and political corruption. In between, a foundling, a childless couple, a chance encounter and all those things that could have been fixed.

In the dizzying present times, Chomenidis’ Ion chooses a solitary and healthy co-existence with nature, its joys and feasts, and refuses to be involved in public affairs and their corrupting effect.

Takis Tzamargias is inspired by Chomenidis’ play to create a performance, setting up fancy tables with lavish tablecloths and copious amounts of champagne on the Delphi offerings, and urging spectators to partake in a Balkan feast.

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